Find Out if Solar Is Right for You

Find Out if Solar Is Right for You

As electric power costs rise, solar energy is more affordable than ever

Solar panels use the sun's power to generate clean energy. They can provide you with reliable, clean solar energy for your home or business without the negative side effects that come from the power grid. Not only will you move away from burning fossil fuels (which lets off harmful gases), but you'll also reduce your reliance on external energy providers.

On top of all these benefits, any extra watts your solar panel system produces will be sent to your utility grid to provide clean energy to the city. Your system will automatically export your excess power to the public utility grid, making you eligible to receive credits for all that extra power.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, contact WestStar Energy, El Paso today to discuss your options.

Make paying for energy less of a headache

WestStar Energy, El Paso is dedicated to helping homeowners and property owners reduce their environmental impact and save on energy bills. If you're ready to cut ties with your old energy company and variable monthly bills, switch over to reliable solar energy with a consistent monthly cost. All you have to do is contact us!